We won "Best Musical" at the "Deutscher Musical Theater Preis 2018" today for our show "Fuck Ju Göhte"!
I´m so proud of this show. Looking back at 2017 now and how much work it was to bring this show to life musically. To orchestrate and arrange, but then also to teach it. It was new terrain for all of us. We had to find the language and the style and teach something, that we call "flow", even though it´s something one has or doesn´t have.
I´m so glad, people liked our show. Because I love it. Too sad though, that stage-entertainment did not believe in it enough to let it run a little longer. But I know, that Simone Linhof, our producer is fighting for it still.

Today I conducted the last Show of "Kinky Boots" in Hamburg.
Here´s my last bow.
The audience went absolutely crazy. We had to hold the show at least 5 times, because of standing ovations in the middle of it!

I´ve worked on "Kinky Boots" for exactly one year and what felt a little bit like an experiment to me in the beginning turned out feeling like home. I wasn´t sure, how it would be for me to be an MD in an ensuite production of stage-entertainment again. How that would turn out. Here in Germany peoples minds are a little bit less flexible with these things. You´re either a Music Supervisor or an MD or an orchestrator...

I think i proved, that I could be an MD, while orchestrating other shows and supervising them! :-)

Personally, I know that I have not the slightest idea yet to what extension this show has actually changed my life - what influence it had on me. But just to feel that audience reaction after every show. What luxury. How spoiled were we!

Here´s a picture of all the young Charlies and young Lolas with me in the intermission of the last show. I will miss them. Such lovely kids!


I just posted the promotion we did for "Wahnsinn!" at the Schlagerboom show yesterday evening in the ARD.
You can find it under "Media".
It looks like the audience liked it...hahaha

Production of this music wasn´t easy. I had to rearrange the vocals and the band for this medley, put them together in no time, organise the singers and record them while I was preparing for "Kinky Boots" rehearsal start. I am grateful to everyone involved. Mainly Jojo Schlüter, who is always a guarantee if you need a good result quickly. It´s so good to know the people you can trust.

It´s been a long time since the last update. So much has happened. 2017 hast been a busy year so far.
And it is going to stay busy for a while.
Currently I am rehearsing "Kinky Boots" - the new production for the Operettenhaus Hamburg. The theatre where I started out in the musicals in 2001. It´s like coming home. The show will open dec. 3rd.

Meanwhile I am working on the arrangements for the brand new show "Fack Ju Göhte" which we workshopped in june this year and will open january 2018 in Munich.
Most of it is already done. The plan was to have all of the music ready for the actual production during the workshop. This really helps now. But there is always something to improve. Little changes have to be made and I am using some new piece of technical equipment for the guitar in the band. A midi pick up. This opens a whole new world of possibilities in the orchestration.

AND... then there is yet another new show in the pipeline:
This new show has been workshopped in summer this year. Most of the arrangements are done, but now the orchestration will be a bit bigger. This is somewhat exceptional. Usually the task is to reduce the orchestration. But here... this is wonderful. So another pass on all of the numbers of the show (35...!) is due...
Opening date for "Wahnsinn": Somewhere in february in Duisburg. Too busy to remember. One step at a time...

Sebastian is currently recording demos for "the other new show" for stage-entertainment that he has been working on since a couple of months, without being able to talk about it openly...
That´s the problem with secret projects. The results are turning out really nicely, so there is definietly hope that one soon day it will all be seen and heard in a theater near you.

The end of a lovely birthday weekend in London. Last chance to finally see "Miss Saigon". The show alone was worth the travel. Artistic high quality all over. Great singing, acting and a beautifully sounding big orchestra. An amazing production in all aspects.
Although much smaller in dimensions of stage, cast and orchestra "In the heights" was also really refreshing to watch. Very good talent on stage throughout and about the show itself and it´s creator everything has been said already. Genius.

Sebastian just arrived back home from two weeks on EUROPA 2, where he performed the "Rocky Horror Show" and a musical gala somewhere between Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Maledives. He enjoyed getting his hands back on the piano keyboard and working with such a routined band.
The sun, the sea and the amazing service on board didn´t hurt either.
europa2 europa2
Successful ending of an intense reading for a new show for stage-entertainment. Sebastian has been working on the project for over a year now. Secretly of course, since the new show projects have not yet been communicated openly. A couple of smaller readings had happened before, but this one was quite big. Not only because of a real audience in a theater and questionaires lying around everywhere, but also because of the fact that everything had to be taught to the cast in 4 days...
Pretty intense for everyone. This was only possible because the cast consisted pretty much of the best of the best in the musical business in Germany. Congratulations to everyone involved.